• Wordy Words

    I’m not crazy. I’m just a writer.

    So glad many of my friends are also writers. Not many people would understand when you say you didn’t get to sleep until almost 2am last night because you had to keep getting up to write down what the voices in your head were saying to you. But thanks to imagination induced insomnia, my book not only has a prologue, but also a title. My goal is to have it pitch ready for the writing conference in May.

  • Yumminess

    C is for Cake

    They say being brave isn’t the absence of fear, but rather doing that thing which you are afraid of despite that fear. So then, what is the word for going to the gym when what you really want to be doing is diving face first into a plate of cookies? Willpower? Determination? Insanity? Necessity.    

  • Books are Life

    Have you met Scarlett?

    The first book of my super talented friend, Scarlett Kol, arrived today from Amazon! I’ve already read it, but just had to have a hard copy! Her second book, Wicked Descent, is on my kindle waiting to be read, but I know it will suck me in and not let me go until I’ve finished, like Mercury Rises did, so I’m waiting for a day when I’m off work and have no where else to be!

  • La Vida Loca

    Frank Foxx is not a murderer

    I am quite obsessed with these forest creatures. I planned to buy just the fox, and one other, but couldn’t decide so I brought them all home with me. On the right are Dave and Billy and their adopted son Robin. Next is Santa. Rudolph retired so now Santa has Sven the Swedish Christmas goat working for him. And on the left are Frank Foxx and Darla Doe. Unbeknownst to Darla, Frank ate her grandfather. Frank isn’t a murderer (Grandaddy Buck died of natural causes) but also not one to pass up a deer smörgåsbord on the forest floor. It’s a dark secret he keeps, especially when things get hot and heavy between the two of them and he can still taste Grandaddy.