Leslie Gail’s debut novel first hit the market in 1979 with her riveting three-page illustrated novel, The “Crismas” Book. It was not only a financial success—earning her a total of $2.50—it was also critically acclaimed by all the ladies in her mother’s break-room group.

These days Leslie’s books are slightly wordier and no longer illustrated—which is probably for the best since she never could draw a proper “babby” Jesus. And are filled with magic, mystery, and big Southern families.

Leslie lives in Austin, Texas and is proudly doing her part to Keep It Weird. When she’s not plotting murder, or working the day job, you might find her removing cat hair from every surface in her house, playing board games with her husband*, enjoying Saturday Brunch and bookstores with her family, singing along loudly to Disney songs**, or haunting local graveyards wherever she travels.

*Swedish husband. He wanted to make sure y’all knew his nationality. 😉 In case you mistakenly conjured up an image of Matthew McConaughey at a Longhorns game.

**The cats wanted to make sure you knew Leslie cannot sing and that they’ve made more pleasant sounds while coughing up hairballs.***

***Leslie wants you to know that at least her singing never ruins the handmade Swedish rugs. So there!

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