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Oh my gosh y’all! I wrote my Acknowledgment section today for my book. Do you know how amazing that feels??? I’m so close to being able to hold my book in my hands.

Even though this has been the loooongest journey, it’s not like I’ve been digging ditches or some other taxing labor where all I get is a big hole and a bad back. I’ve been writing a book…which means I’ve been playing in the big sandbox that is my imagination. Most kids have an imaginary friend for a short while. Mine are always with me. So even though it has been a ton of work, I’ve had fun doing it!*

But, right…back to the Acknowledgments. Tears were shed when I thought about how many people have encouraged me and believed in me over the decades. I couldn’t possibly name everyone, and I know I probably forgot someone, but the joy I felt thinking of how many people will be like…whoa, what? LESLIE! Seriously? You finally did it?! Girl, I knew you could do it! Well done!

Including past Leslie. She wrote me a thank you card that I’ll share some day. Because she knew it would happen some day.

Y’all! Someday is coming up real soon! Get ready!

*Between the tears and the therapy sessions and the venting with friends and leaning on writing coaches and sobbing on Zoom because I didn’t think I would ever get here. But other than that…it’s been sunshine and glitter! 😉

Also “It’s been a ton of work, but I’ve had fun doing it” is probably going on my gravestone. 😉

conversations with the dead

This was originally a social media post. Way back 2018. Which was technically only 5 years ago. Except 2020 and 2021 were each like 40 years long, so…well you do the math!

This is one of my favorite places to be. Yup, it’s a graveyard. No, I don’t know a soul there. I just like to hang out under this tree and talk to the family  buried underneath it. I asked the parents once why the daughters were segregated from the rest of the family, but no one had a good answer for me. They don’t talk much…or at all. Probably a good thing. Sometimes I wish they did. I want to know their stories, but for now I’ll just make up my own.

My mind wandered (don’t worry I sent snacks and clean underwear along with it, in case it got lost) and I ended up meeting a character who hung around in graveyards because they were the only place she could think. And so…Star Bell was born. She’s been talking to me for a few years, and now her story is ready to share.

Stay Tuned!