About Leslie Gail

Writer, bibliophile, pretend adult, board game addict, Disney World super-fan, maker of soap and other messes, and lover of dessert.

The book is always better. Cilantro is king. Life is too short for matching socks.
Birthday Cake is everything!

Fangirl of many fandoms..way too many to name, but let’s just say if I could take a Tardis anywhere, I would take it through the standing stones of Craigh na Dun with the Avengers to Avonlea where I’d hang out with Buffy, Eve Dallas, and Mama Crichton’s baby boy. Then we’d ride Drogon through the Stargate to Hogwarts and fend off Walkers with a light saber that we received after a sudden and inevitable betrayal. Triumphant and starving, we’d return to the Magic Kingdom just in time for second breakfast at Luke’s Diner.

The End!
Roll Credits…



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