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I didn’t give up!

My sister gave me this years ago when I first decided I wanted to write a novel. With many false starFullSizeRender (1)ts over the years, I finally got serious this past January and set a goal to finish my first draft by the end of May. I did it! I have a completed first draft!

One thing that’s made a difference this time is joining a writing challenge called #writechain. The idea is to set a manageable daily goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 words or 1000, just as long as you can do it daily. I set a goal of 100 words. In the beginning it was difficult to get just those 100 out. Other days I wrote thousands.

Now that the first draft is done I will change my goal to edit one page daily. My plan is to have my manuscript ready to go out to my critique partners by the beginning of August.

One Post at a Time

This blank page makes me feel inadequate, as if the blog police are lurking somewhere waiting to issue me a citation.

IMG_3190“Young lady, you’ve had this domain for well over a year, where are all the witty posts you should have created by now?”

“Well, Officer, I uh…” I reach into my draft box and pull out several unfinished posts.

“Ma’am. Please take your hands off the keyboard and exit the blog now.”

In days past, I was a prolific blogger. My day wasn’t complete unless I blogged. Back then, as an expat in Sweden, and later a cynical 30-something going through infertility treatment, I had plenty to talk about. But being back in my hometown with no major drama in my life (knock on a forest), the words felt harder to come by.

After getting back into writing in general, (I’m over half-way through with a first draft of a novel I’m very excited about) I realized I really miss blogging and the feeling of community it brings. So, I am back. While I may not be navigating my way through life in a foreign country, or having multiple medical devices stuck up my hoo-hah on a regular basis, I know there are other writers, foodies, makers, tv addicts and such with which I’ll be able to geek out.

So, Officer, put away your citation book and stand back, because I’m about to show you A Life More Creative.*

*later changed to Under the Wide and Starry Sky.