Live Until You Die

Living my life on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster almost a year ago. I don’t know who any of these girls are but I hope they keep living until they die.

I do my best thinking when I drive and since I just drove over an hour round trip for a HaleyCakes cupcake, I did some primo thinking. My brain stew was all about how once in my “youth” someone made a comment that life would be over when I hit my 40s.

I can’t even remember who it was, but if I could tell them one thing, I’d say this, “Life isn’t over until you stop living.”
So keep living until you die. Don’t just exist. In other words Carpe the crap out of that Diem, my lovelies! Life in my 40s is much better than it was in my 30s. And life in my 30s was better than my 20s. I don’t want to speed my life up, but let me just say, I can’t wait to see what a hoot I’ll be in my 80s!

One-sided conversations with the dead

This is one of my favorite places to be. Yup, it’s a graveyard. No, I don’t know a soul there. I just like to hang out under this tree and talk to the family  buried underneath it. I asked the parents once why the daughters were segregated from the rest of the family, but no one had a good answer for me. They don’t talk much…or at all. Probably a good thing. Sometimes I wish they did. I want to know their stories, but for now I’ll just make up my own.

Frank Foxx is not a murderer


I am quite obsessed with these forest creatures. I planned to buy just the fox, and one other, but couldn’t decide so I brought them all home with me. On the right are Dave and Billy and their adopted son Robin. Next is Santa. Rudolph retired so now Santa has Sven the Swedish Christmas goat working for him. And on the left are Frank Foxx and Darla Doe. Unbeknownst to Darla, Frank ate her grandfather. Frank isn’t a murderer (Grandaddy Buck died of natural causes) but also not one to pass up a deer smörgåsbord on the forest floor. It’s a dark secret he keeps, especially when things get hot and heavy between the two of them and he can still taste Grandaddy.

Heading South

img_8439The last quarter of 2016 brought about rather big changes for our family. Our only born left for college, we moved 6 hours south to Austin, and I closed my store.

We had dreams of moving to Maine once the kid graduated High School, but he decided to stay in TX for college, and with in-state vs. out-of-state tuition rates being what they are, we put those plans on hold. We still wanted to move out of our small though and considered Dallas, but after a few visits to Austin, we were sold! So here we are.* We still dream of Maine, and probably will even more once summer comes around again, but are enjoying life here for now.

The closing of my store has been somewhat harder. It was my identity for so long. I was the soap lady. It was where I lived 7 days a week. I still have my business and am still making soap, but on a much smaller scale and with a few more challenges. Although it is quite nice to be home more with my love.


*”Oh so you followed your son to college? People have actually said that to us.”
No, we found a town we love that happens to be near his college.” As a mom, of an only child, I’m certainly not hating the fact that he’s just a short ride away, and as a “starving college student” he’s not hating the fact that he can come home on the weekends and be fed.

One Chapter Ends…

IMG_5342Where did time go? Didn’t he just leave for his first day of Kindergarten?

Where are his Bionicles and Legos? Where did this handsome young man come from?

I am so very proud of Frodo! He graduated Magna Cum Laude and was accepted into his first choice University – UT Austin.

IMG_5538The day after graduation we left to go down to Austin for his orientation.

He stayed in the dorms for the three day orientation, and I went and explored the area after my day of parent orientation.

I have such mixed feelings about this new chapter in his life. I am so excited for him to go on this new adventure, but sad too because I will miss having him around every day.

But as a famous southern belle once said, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Or better yet, in August!