Witches, Murder, and Ghosts, oh my!

Welcome to Dead End, Texas, a tourist town where it’s spooky season all year long…

Star Bell comes from a long line of witches originating all the way back to Salem—if her granny is to be believed.

While the rest of her family employs their magical abilities in their assorted businesses on Main Street, Star flat out refuses to use her own because communicating with the dearly departed has never brought her anything but trouble. And the one spirit she wants to talk to—her sister Astra—has ghosted her. So why bother?

And if that’s not enough for an almost forty-year-old to deal with, she’s living with three generations of Bells. Between her sixty-year-old aunt who is acting like a teenager and her teenage niece who isn’t acting much like herself, Star doesn’t have a moment of peace these days.

But when her niece becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation, Star must embrace her power and enlist the spirits of Dead End to help find the real killer before she becomes a permanent resident of Dead End herself.

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