This was originally a social media post. Way back 2018. Which was technically only 5 years ago. Except 2020 and 2021 were each like 40 years long, so…well you do the math!

This is one of my favorite places to be. Yup, it’s a graveyard. No, I don’t know a soul there. I just like to hang out under this tree and talk to the family¬† buried underneath it. I asked the parents once why the daughters were segregated from the rest of the family, but no one had a good answer for me. They don’t talk much…or at all. Probably a good thing. Sometimes I wish they did. I want to know their stories, but for now I’ll just make up my own.

My mind wandered (don’t worry I sent snacks and clean underwear along with it, in case it got lost) and I ended up meeting a character who hung around in graveyards because they were the only place she could think. And so…Star Bell was born. She’s been talking to me for a few years, and now her story is ready to share.

Stay Tuned!