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My Pitch Wars Experience – Part 1

It’s the eve of the agent round for Pitch Wars so feelings, thoughts, and emotions are all over the place. I’m using my number one coping mechanism – writing.

I didn’t blog after I got chosen. I meant to, but I was caught up in the whirlwind and in shock for quite awhile. I entered Pitch Wars fully expecting it to be my “practice” run. I had no notion I’d get any requests, much less get chosen as a mentee! But 2018 was the year I left my comfort zone and tried big things. And boy did I chose a big one with Pitch Wars!

Sus, my mentor, told me in the beginning the revision process was going to be intense and that I might even hate her at some point. She was right about the first one. It was beyond intense. But never, even for one second, did I ever feel anything less than adoration for her. She wasn’t stingy with the praise and when something wasn’t working, she’d tell me straight up, but also help me figure out how to fix it. She prefaced every suggestion with, “This is YOUR book. If you don’t agree with this, push back.” I rarely had to, because her feedback made perfect sense since she KNEW my characters.

Was it tough? Yeah! But it was the kind of tough like running is. That “oh my stars, I’m literally going to die, why am I doing this” feeling. Until you hit that point of “hell yeah, this is the best thing ever, I could go on for miles!” Then it’s done and you feel like a rock-star and you realize it wasn’t so bad after all!

That’s Pitch Wars!

Now it’s over…almost. In mere hours my pitch and first words will be out there for the world to see. How do I feel?

Terrified. Excited. Hungry. Hopeful.

But most of all proud. I pushed myself and I survived!

If no requests come I’ll cry. A lot. But then I’ll get back on my unicorn and keep going. Because I have a damn good book, and it will find the right agent.

And until then, I have emergency cupcakes. Because as long as there are cupcakes in the world, life is worth living!

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