La Vida Loca

Live Until You Die

Living my life on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster almost a year ago. I don’t know who any of these girls are but I hope they keep living until they die.

I do my best thinking when I drive and since I just drove over an hour round trip for a HaleyCakes cupcake, I did some primo thinking. My brain stew was all about how once in my “youth” someone made a comment that life would be over when I hit my 40s.

I can’t even remember who it was, but if I could tell them one thing, I’d say this, “Life isn’t over until you stop living.”
So keep living until you die. Don’t just exist. In other words Carpe the crap out of that Diem, my lovelies! Life in my 40s is much better than it was in my 30s. And life in my 30s was better than my 20s. I don’t want to speed my life up, but let me just say, I can’t wait to see what a hoot I’ll be in my 80s!

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