It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to make any “fun” soap. Trying to keep the store stocked with not only soap, but all of my other products, keeps me rather busy. A few days ago I got the urge to go a bit crazy with color.

This particular method is called in the pot swirl, abbreviated in the soap world as ITPS. The standard method of doing this is to pour each of your colors, usually two or three, into a main color,IMG_4184 then take a spoon and give it one stir, then pour into your mold. (Here I actually used 5 colors.) The combination of the stirring and pouring is supposed to give it the design. I’ve never had luck doing it that way and my colors always ended up muddied. My friend Laura shared with me that she skips the stir part and just lets the pouring make the design. It totally works!

Once it was poured I went back and added color on the surface of the soap thenIMG_4188 drew the thin end of a spoon through it in S shaped patterns vertically across the mold, then horizontally. I know there is a name for this technique, and although I’ve been making soap for 6 years now, I’ve completely drawn a blank.

FullSizeRenderOne of my favorite parts of soapmaking is cutting the soap and seeing how it turned out. I love how each bar has a different pattern. Colorful soaps take more time to make than my regular bars, but in the end it feeds the creative monster inside of me. I must feed the beast, so therefore I create. If only the beast washed dishes!