Guinness Chocolate Cake with Bailey’s Frosting

When my mother asked me what cake I wanted for my birthday this year, I asked her if it would be okay if I made my own. She laughed and asked why. It’s because of this Guinness Chocolate Cake recipe I found at A Beautiful Bite.  The most important part of a birthday party is the cake. I don’t need presents, decorations, or ton’s of guests. Just the people I love and a good chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. Keep your Red Velvets, Double Chocolates, and Italian Cream Cakes. Don’t even try to bring me an ice cream cake (too cold) or the worst possible choice, a “cookie cake”. Cookies are my favorite, but a giant cookie fguinness cakerom a Super Store is not a cake. Seriously.

I followed the recipe as written in the link above, except I didn’t have espresso powder so I omitted that. I also reduced the amount of Bailey’s in the frosting to 3 Tablespoons. I think next time I might reduce it even further. It was a bit strong.

This cake was wonderful, but absolutely divine the day after. The cake soaks up the frosting and becomes even more moist and decadent.

No worries, if you don’t care for beer. You can’t taste it in the cake. It just gives it just the right amount of richness.


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