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Review – For This Life Only by Stacey Kade

I received an ARC of this book today at #RT16. I planned to read just the first few pages and then go out with friends for one of the evening events. Four hours and so many tears later, I finished it. This is the kind of book I 22608727live for, a book that pulls you in from the first line and won’t let you go until the last. The story was beautiful and heart wrenching. Sara was so real to me that my arms physically ached to hold her and try to give her some type of comfort. Gah, I’m sobbing again now just thinking of her. It’s probably a good thing all books in this world aren’t this well written, or I’d never get anything else done. Stacey Kade, I bow at your feet. You are a story goddess.

You can pre-order this book from your favorite bookseller. It will be out on August 30th. Just make sure to clear your schedule once you start it.

Yes. It’s that good!

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